The 27 Book Lovers (1930–1940):
“Working for the Lithuanian Book”

The exhibition will tell you about the 27 Book Lovers society (1930–1940) members, their everyday activities, publishing pursuits, and the circumstances of the society’s dissolution. The purpose of this exhibition is to shed light on documents that appear insignificant at first glance (protocols, bills, receipts, invitations, postcards, messages, etc.). These materials testify to the extremely purposeful, intensive, and interesting life of interwar Kaunas bibliophiles, which they lived by clear rules set by themselves. The exhibits (with a few exceptions) are from the archive of the 27 Book Lovers held by the Manuscript Department of the Wroblewski Library (LMAVB RS F59). Almost all of them are on display for the first time. These documents expand and, in some places, revise our view on the panorama of Lithuanian cultural life in the fourth decade of the 20th century.

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